A Wild Scenario Role-Play Game

for people that love starting drama...


Insanely Wild Scenarios

Crazy Quirks to Add to Roles

Mix up the scenarios with a deck of crazy quirks. Add the quirks to the character roles for even more madness and fun! You'll never know exactly how things are going to line up and play out.

Limitless Combinations

The Base Game

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The Adult-Only Version

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From The Players

It’s fast and funny. What you might expect if ‘Cards Against Humanity’ was mashed together with ‘Charades’.

Terry C. / New York City

This game is serious fun. You don’t really know your friends until you’ve played it.

Stephen K. / Atlanta

We've had a blast playing DM for family game night. I can't remember laughing so hard with my kids quite ever like this.

Sarah B. / Arizona

Get rid of your Netflix subscription. Drama Mayhem is the new best form of hilarious  entertainment.

David G. / Florida

The quirks really make the game. I love seeing how random things get and watching my friends improv these rediculous scenes.

Suzie K. / Idaho

We loved playing Drama Mayhem. We had a room full of friends and the game made the night for everyone.

Sarah M. / Austin

Anytime I want to really mix things up with new groups I bring out Drama Mayhem. It's the perfect ice-breaker game.

Henry P. / Toronto

I couldn't stop laughing after seeing my brother-in-law play a pregnant woman with the 'Ninja Moves' quirk. Absolutely priceless.

Jim R. / Nevada

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Supporting Creative Communication

Part of all profits raised on the game go to support Drama Mayhem's community programs that teach kids creative communication and improv theater arts.