Drama Mayhem: Adult-Only Version
Drama Mayhem: Adult-Only Version
Drama Mayhem: Adult-Only Version
Drama Mayhem: Adult-Only Version
Drama Mayhem: Adult-Only Version
Drama Mayhem: Adult-Only Version
Drama Mayhem: Adult-Only Version
Drama Mayhem: Adult-Only Version

Drama Mayhem: Adult-Only Version

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"The perfect game for your next adult party, mixer, or game night"



Grownup Drama!

Hey, what would you get if you mashed up Cards with Humanity with Charades? A drama-filled party card game packed with ridiculously hilarious antics! We call it, Drama Mayhem. To win a round, players act out 1-minute improv roleplays guided by wild scenarios and crazy quirks. But this isn’t just any game, it’s our adult-only version; packed with content that will make you blush, think, and laugh your you-know-what off. Have a blast seeing your pal acting like a mom who found her daughter’s weed while she’s dealing with a constant itch. Or a grandma with bad gas that just killed a pet hamster. There are 60 scenario cards and 60 quirk cards in each set, which means millions of match-up combinations and never-ending fun.


  • SPICY ADULT DRAMA: The adult-only version of Drama Mayhem for hours of grownup fun! With wilder scenarios and crazier quirks, this roleplay card game takes the dramatics to a whole other level. Looking for adult games for game night. You’ve found the best.
  • MILLIONS OF MATCH-UP COMBINATIONS: With 60 scenario cards and 60 quirk cards in every set, the rib-cracking combinations are seemingly limitless. Perfect for up to 12 players, this new king of party adult card games is just what you need to amplify the laughter. For ages 18+
  • PROUDLY FUNDED ON KICKSTARTER: Drama Mayhem was brought to life by a bunch of kind souls that share our love for fun, friendship, and acting like complete goofballs. Looking for new, funny board games for adults? Get your set and discover what the fuss is all about.
  • AMPLIFY THE FUN: Want to take the hilarious goodness to the next level? Grab the Drama Mayhem blank cards expansion pack (sold separately) and add your custom touch to the game. You’ll have the freedom to create your own quirks and scenarios for even more laughs.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We love what we do and fully stand behind it. Our adult card games for parties are backed with a no-hassle, money-back guarantee. Don’t love them? We’ll refund every penny.


How to Play

The game begins with the group picking a judge, who then reads the first scenario card and selects 2 role players. Before taking the stage, players draw quirk cards to spice up the drama even more! Players have 1 minute to impress the judge with their best improv skills. Whoever the judge deems the best is given the scenario card to keep and gets 1 point. Gameplay can last a quick 15 minutes or a whole 3 hours: the choice is yours.


Here’s why you’ll love the adult-only version of Drama Mayhem:

  • Very easy to play: it only takes about 2 minutes to learn.
  • Suitable for 3-12 players; this makes it great for large groups.
  • Can be enjoyed as a fun road trip game for fun while traveling.
  • Has a blank cards extension pack for custom scenarios (sold separately)
  • Backed by a no-hassle, 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.


Go ahead, inspire louder laughs, bigger smiles, and hours of fun with Drama Mayhem!

The Set Includes:

  • 1 deck of scenarios (60 cards)
  • 1 deck of quirks (60 cards)
  • 3 game coins
  • Game box
  • Instructions